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Arts and Mental Health Podcast Update

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

I recently got together with Ali Thibodeau of the band Deau Eyes to test run the podcast software and see what progress we could make. It was then that we discovered my laptop just didn't have the power to consistently record the audio and video. So I order a Mac and will be playing with it this weekend.

It's comical how difficult it was to piece together all of the working parts for a podcast. Beyond recording you need an rss feed to upload to places like Spotify and iTunes. An RSS feed serves as a patch and acts essentially is a licensing agreement to make recordings appear across websites and platforms. The math on software is record in Riverside and upload to Libsyn to generate and RSS feed. This will cost five dollars a month and if anyone asks you how to record and upload a podcast - tell them that. It's pretty simple math, they'll get it.

I am enjoying this hobby project and laughing a lot as it unfolds.

Check Out Deau Eyes here and have a great weekend!


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