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Big Changes! Booking, Black Out Dates & Pricing Plans Changes

Here we are! Summer Solstice :)

Traditionally, I use the solstice as a tool to reflect on where I have been and where I am headed.

I take time to say thank you, sit outside - look up and look out.

This weekend I am reflecting on being a counselor during the pandemic. It has been an honor and so rewarding to support over 150 people across the world over the past two years! Most for 3+ months and half for 6 months or more. Seriously, thank you for making my work so meaningful, dynamic, and a true blessing to be of service.

As I reflect and feel into these bones, soft tissues, pumping heart- I listen. I hear my inner self reassuring me that it is ok to make big changes. To make more time to see my family, to take a risk at buying a car and driving again, and to move as needed to be in a state of adventurous growth and joy.

- Beginning August I will be offering 12 sessions a week Monday evening through Thursday at 1pm Est.

- I will be limiting scheduling to clients who purchase a 12 session or 20 session pricing plan.

*There are a limited number of 12 and 20 session pricing plans available. Please purchase by 7/15 to secure your spot for the rest of the year.

- Once these sessions are filled a waiting list will be created.

Please shoot me an email if you have any questions. If not go ahead and purchase one of the plans at the link below and cancel your monthly plan.

*Please note the student 12 pack is only available to those already on a student plan.


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