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Fall Hello and Link to Artists Talk Mental Health Podcast

September 23 2022 was the official end of summer and beginning of fall. There is natural slowing down and focusing on whom and what is most important to us and necessary. For me the slowing down will be gradual as I celebrate the cooler and more welcoming temperatures of the fall. This is a great time of year to set gentle, wholesome, and honest goals. Maybe goals like: I am sending cards this fall and new years, making a list of people you want to touch in with before the year ends, drafting a simple budget, planning two to three fun weekends in addition to the holidays. Honestly all of that fills most weekends for the rest of the year. Maybe setting sleep goals come to mind. Consider setting a boundary goal of saying no to three things that you don't want to do in order to make space for what you want to do. Maybe there is a conversation you would benefit from having before this year ends. It feels more tender than ever to say this and still I am going to say it, "We made it". We made through another summer and are rounding out this year. Can I get a message back if getting through this was challenging? I'm often amazed by the transformations that I witness in myself and others as we adapt and grow through incredibly difficult human experiences with the turn of the year. Still here we are reaching out, learning, and believing in the future. That's beautiful and I hope that our work together imparts a restoration of hope along with skills to help you help yourself. I'd like to invite you to take time this week to journal 3 -5 simple, meaningful, wholesome type goals that you'd like to set for yourself as we round out 2022.

*For each goal please share skills that you already have to help you meet those goals and notice if you might need to learn a new skill to help you reach that goal.

I reached my podcast goal and I have a vulnerability hangover from witnessing my own goofiness on this incredibly wholesome interview with Ali Thibodeau from Deau Eyes.

The link is here below. The audio and video stop linking up in the middle by 2 seconds. We we are practicing fun and not perfection and forgiving ourselves for it. We'll get better at editing and get bigger monitors for editing the next interviews. To the pursuit of joy and meaningful fun!

You made it!

Banner credit goes to Culture Strike and Mijente


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