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Full Moon August 2022- Role Call- we made it

Updated: Aug 15, 2022


Summer ain't over yet! and fall will be lovely after the heat that we all have endured. Last night was August 2022 full moon. I woke this morning to a cool seventy degree day for the first time in months. The ease of my morning bike ride was stark in comparison to the intense heat and humidity that had driven me inside from my evening ride just yesterday.

The feeling of deep solid and profound change set in. The past two months have been a raw shedding process that was terribly uncomfortable. I love that I have grown into a person that takes time off to feel it, to journal it, to face the fear, to buy the car after nearly two years of not driving after a car accident and to mark change by sharing and by the moon.

The picture below is a shadown box that I have added to my office. This week I unpack shells, a sand dollar, eclipse goggles, and mindfully placed them. Each one brought back a memory of the adventure that I had acquired them. Many from days spent swimming, snorkeling, and free diving off the coast of south American, Hawaii, Lake Champlain, Spain and Mexico. Vivid images of diving to the bottom of coves that sparkled through blue water, coral, and schools of fish with my hand reached out ahead of me, grasping towards something deep below the surface of things-the feeling of pressure on my chest, breath held, the shell in my hand and then shooting to the surface gasping, amazed and satisfied. So often alone on these journeys in the company of fellow adventures also on solo journeys.

I placed each one up on the shelf and and let grief move through me for what is left is echoed by what is gone in this season as I emerge from the weird pandemic. Deep gratitude for all of what remains and honoring the truth that the adventure continues and it is beautiful, often painful, real af, and so worth it. We are gifted with each day and the experience of whatever it is.

May our summers round out with meaning for all that has been lost along the way and all the remains as the adventure continues.


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