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I was about to go to bed/Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673

This past Tuesday I finished work and went to the neighborhood market for a kombucha before bed. I was checking out and the young woman behind the counter, an international student who I had helped with her resume, asked if I had two minutes. I said sure. She reported a sexual assault of a community member that had taken place Halloween night. She asked what the woman who was assaulted should do.

I searched google for the rape crisis hotline and explained that an advocate could come to help the woman report to the police or get counseling support.

It was then I realized that the local hotline number was difficult to find. I recalled the past administration seeking to overturn the violence against women act that provides states funding for the rape crisis hotlines. I couldn't sleep after this. Licensed counselors get asked to help out when there is crisis and it's very difficult to ignore things and just walk by. We get asked to the trauma work in the immediate aftermath. We do the work more than the play. I ate, took deep breaths, and focused on walking my own path well.

I was about to go to bed but couldn't sleep. I want to make sure my circle knows the number to the national rape crisis hotline and to say that I'm here for you. The national hotline will help people get connected to a local advocate who can meet to talk or be with you while you make a police report.

National Rape Crisis Hotline



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