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May is Mental Health Awareness Month Taking Most Major Insurances including New Mexico Medicaid.

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! I am taking most insurances for New Mexico cased clients and have 3 openings for new and returning clients.

Please consider making a social media post to your New Mexico social network and spread the word that it is Mental Health Awareness Month. Include my email and let folks know that they can get in touch to schedule as early as next week.

Post example

"It's Mental Health Awareness Month. I recommend working with licensed counselor Stephanie Smith. They have opening as early as next week and take most insurances including medicaid if you are living in NM. Reach out for support and contact her today!"


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I am taking United Healthcare!

In addition to Presbyterian Medicaid and Commercial I am able to United Healthcare New Mexico. Please get in touch with questions and community referrals!


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