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November Retreat-Take Time in the Blue Ridge Mountains to Grieve, to Breathe, to Be... 11/3 - 11/6

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

This retreat creates time and space for you to actively grieve who and what you've lost over the past two years. Maybe you can relate to the at times all too vivid and visceral reality that the life you had for the better and/or worse is almost unrecognizable. Maybe you have lost a family member or a friend, your home, a job that you identified with and loved, maybe you've divorced, and even healthfully transitioned out of significant kinds of relationships and you are staring down a new and an unknown future, maybe you've given birth and you are grieving the you before even though you wouldn't change it for the world, maybe you are doing really well and you still need to grieve the times in your life that you were not, maybe long held hopes and dreams are no longer relevant or sensible, maybe you almost lost yourself in all that time you spent socially distanced.

I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that. You are aren't alone in needing some time and space to be acknowledged, to acknowledge the losses, be in nature, to hike and cry at the same time (yeap I said it and I stand by it), to laugh while crying and yelling f*ck from a mountain top (yeap that's it's own kind of divinity and if you need it - you got it). It's ok that you made it through all of that loss and the guilt of daily survival in the face of death, trauma and loss often hangs heavy. It's ok to need to feel it and talk about it in good company. At this time the retreat has a limited number of spots and about 4 openings. Should more people need this time and space the resort can accommodate, there are a number of stunning bnbs and rentals in the area, and I'll hold space for as many people as I feel comfortable.

Each day will begin with a meditation, yoga inspired stretching, a circle to share with prompts from Stephanie Smith LPCC MS, then we'll hike around the 30 miles of trails throughout the resort that includes two sections of the Appalachian Trail. We will dine together at the resort restaurants.

The cost of the retreat is 500 dollars a person and this does not include lodging and meals. I have reserved a few studios that can be transferred to you upon direct payment to resort and you are welcome to book one of the resort condos or houses. I am open to renting one large house at the resort and splittings costs among participants if I get enough requests for that. The retreat fee is paid directly to Stephanie Smith Counseling LLC, accommodations are paid directly to the resort, meals are paid for as you dine and added to your bill at check out.

The closest airports are Richmond and Charlottesville VA. You will need to rent a car to make the scenic hour to hour and half drive (depending on the airport). I am happy to help participants link up to share vehicles.

Please reach out with your interest and for more information including the resort location via


Stephanie Smith Blue Ridge Mountains 2010 (OG not IG)


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