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The aging dream...

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Yesterday I went to Virginia Beach. I beach like a kiddo and can often be found sitting at the shore letting the waves come and go over me...surrounded by a bunch of little kids doing the same.

Yesterday a woman in her 70's was walking the shore with a seith laddle on a 4ft handle and a bag of shells. I watched and as she passed me. I said, "Nice technique" with a smile. She said, "You only get small pieces of shells but it's worth it". I said, "Heck yeah". I walked to my towel and thought of the young self diving for shells at the age of 70 sifting the shore. I felt so grateful for the human experience and thought of how I have always taken cues from the older ladies. Looking forward to a life of shell collecting with age and health appropriate techniques.

Check out some great new music by Danielle Ponder to round out the season


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