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Waitlist Update

Good morning,

I hope that you are enjoying summer and getting outdoors.

Current session plans will be offered through the end of the summer and can be used through the end of the year. Please confirm that our schedules align for sessions between the hours of 7am and 4pm MST Monday - Thursday before purchasing. There will be a wait of two to three weeks to start.

On 9/1/23 cash rates will increase to $150+ an hour to reflect current insurance rates. The initial intake and diagnosis session will be billed at $225 to reflect insurance rates for these services.

I have opened 3 additional session times on Wednesdays at 7am, 8am, and 9am Mst to serve New Mexicans seeking to use insurance for diagnosis and treatment of a mental health diagnosis. *Please note that insurance requires diagnosis and all session work revolves around treatment of that diagnosis. This is not for coaching or mentorship.

Thank you and keep outdoors!


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