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Happy Solstice! I made you a downloadable journal! To celebrate the Season :) A gift for you!

All of the printable journals have gone out by individual email. If you can't locate your copy - email me :)

What an incredible and meaningful year! I am not saying it felt easy. I am saying it was real and really meaningful. I asked 10 clients what the most meaningful and impactful questions they asked themself were in 2022. I put their answers together into a printable PDF journal that I designed with solstice as the inspiration.

These questions are life changing and have changed the lives of clients this year. So hear it from them!

*This isn't corporate speak - this is "Your Wisdom".

The Journal can be printed at your home printer!

*If you don't like downloading, forward this email to the email address of your local kinkos or print shop and print it there.

Thank you for supporting my mission to bring reprieve, healing, and restoration of self to everyone that I work with and encounter to the best that I am able :)

Peace, Love, Joy, and Growth in 2023

We made it!


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