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Adding one minute of meditation (also know as sitting and breathing by will)

This morning I woke in the summer heat and immediately sat for mediation. I hadn't done that in about 6 years. Prior to that I had an hour long morning mediation practice for several years. While I have had meditations since, I have not had them in the morning.

My body went for it and while I only sat for a minute - I had a chance feel the body memory of sitting posture. A pulling together of front and back sides of the pelvis and torso, a sinking of the shoulders, knees being opened to the floor by gravity and the best part a long slow breath.

What a way to start the day. A slow waking and softening of the body and thought. Tomorrow is June 1st. Challenge yourself to a one minute sit/meditation after waking. Take it day by day and take a minute on yourself. Enjoy the breath.


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